Renault & partners show research prototypes: 2-cyl. 2-stroke diesel, 48V mild-hybrid diesel, delivery EV

At its recent Innovations@Renault event, the France-based automaker presented three research prototypes developed in tandem with its partners as cooperative projects: a mild-hybrid diesel produced as part of the HYDIVU (Hybrid Diesel for LCVs); a two-cylinder, two-stroke diesel from the POWERFUL (POWERtrain for FUture Light-duty vehicles) project; and an electric light commercial van developed as part of the du VELUD (Electric Vehicle for Sustainable Urban Logistics) project.

HYDIVU is a 48V mild-hybrid diesel solution to bring down consumption and emissions in LCVs. The objective of this project is to reduce the consumption of LCVs for business customers who travel long distances. Developed on the base of the Renault Master, this prototype is fitted with a powertrain that integrates an electric motor (mild hybridization), Twin-turbo technology and a downspeeding design. The combination of these three technologies results in a in a fuel consumption saving of up to 10% when used over long distances. Read more »

XL Hybrids installs hybrid drives in 4 City of Boston vans

XL Hybrids, Inc. announced the successful installation of its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System in four city-owned vans for The City of Boston. The newly converted vans support the Greenovate Boston goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.

The City of Boston is striving to replace 10% of its fleet each year with alternative fuel vehicles. Currently, all diesel-powered vehicles use a B20 biodiesel blend.

As a designated Massachusetts Green Community, Boston has been replacing older sedans with alternative fuel vehicles over the past three years. In addition, the city initiated a vehicle sharing pool in 2012 as part of its commitment to lowering greenhouse gas emissions by reducing fuel usage.

The four converted vans are being used by the Boston Transportation Department’s Enforcement Division, the Elderly Affairs Department’s Senior Shuttle Service, and the Central Fleet.

International Truck fuel efficiency package for Class 8 ProStar announced

International Truck today announced a new fuel efficiency package for the International ProStar—the International ProStar ES. The ES, short for efficiency specification, offers improved aerodynamics, a drivetrain with advanced downspeeding and what the company says is the most efficient rear axles in the industry.

The ProStar ES was developed to have the lowest wind averaged drag coefficient in the industry. The ProStar ES offers the Eaton Cummins SmartAdvantage powertrain which pairs the Cummins ISX15 with the Eaton Fuller Advantage automated transmission, as well as Navistar’s proprietary SCR-based 13-liter engine and the Eaton Fuller Advantage automated transmission. Both are matched with the most efficient rear axles in the industry. Read more »

First Green Diesel Flight of the ecoDemonstrator 787

Boeing conducts world’s first flight with 15% blend of NExBTL renewable diesel

Boeing has completed the world’s first flight using “green diesel,” a renewable, drop-in hydrocarbon biofuel that is widely available and used in ground transportation. The company powered its ecoDemonstrator 787 flight test airplane with a blend of 15% NExBTL renewable diesel from Neste Oil and 85% petroleum jet fuel in the left engine. Neste Oil can also produce a NExBTL synthetic paraffinic kerosene as a discrete, and already approved, commercial aviation fuel. Read more »