UPS Ads 200 More Hybrid-Electrics to Delivery Fleet

UPS is expanding its delivery fleet with 200 more next-generation hybrid-electric delivery trucks.  These trucks will see service in eight cities and ad to the existing fleet of 50 hybrid-electrics in UPS’ roughly 20,000 strong fleet of alt-fuel and low-emissions vehicles.

The new trucks will see service in Austin, Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Wahsington D.C., Long Island, Minneapolis, and Louisville.

This new HEV fleet features two sizes of vehicles, one from Workhorse Custom Chassis and the other from Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp.  The hybrid power system in each is from Eaton.  The hybrid system is a parallel design that mounts before the transmission, adding torque to the vehicle’s petroleum-fueled drive train.

UPS estimates that these trucks will save a total of 176,000 gallons of fuel annually, overall, compared to their diesel counterparts.

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