Boeing Winglet Design Concpet for 737 MAX Reduces Fuel Burn by 1.5%

Did you know that something as simple as the tip of an aircraft’s wing can dramatically change its efficiency?  Boeing does.

Boeing has developed a new winglet design concept for the 737 MAX. The new Advanced Technology winglet will provide MAX customers with up to an additional 1.5% fuel-burn improvement, depending on range, on top of the 10-12% improvement already offered on the new-engine variant.

Compared to today’s wingtip technology, which provides up to a 4% fuel-burn advantage at long ranges, the Advanced Technology winglet provides a total fuel-burn improvement of up to 5.5% on the same long routes.

The concept is more efficient than any other wingtip device in the single-aisle market because the effective wing span increase is uniquely balanced between the upper and lower parts of the winglet.  —Michael Teal, chief project engineer, 737 MAX

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